Color Breakers

Color Breakers is a chaotic 1-4 player local and online multiplayer co-op coloring game where players need to work together in each of the levels to complete as many paintings as possible. Collaborate as a team to succeed or get ready to ruin your friendships!

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Who is developing the game?

Color Breakers is being developed by indie game developer Andres De Leon.

When is the game coming out?

The game is available NOW on Nintendo Switch and Steam for Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Where can I buy the game?

Nintendo Switch: Color Breakers

Steam: Color Breakers

Are there any plans for other console releases?

The game is only available on Nintendo Switch and Steam right now. There have been no announcements for a release in any other platform at the moment.

How many people can play the game?

The game supports up to 4 people playing locally in the same system or online.

Can I play single-player?

Yes, you can play the game by yourself. The game is designed around the idea of playing with friends, but you can definitely play alone.

Is the game co-op or versus?

The game contains a co-op campaign that you can play together with friends, but it also contains a versus mode where you can compete against each other.

Does the game support crossplay?

Yes, you can play with friends using different platforms.

Streamers around the world playing Color Breakers

Character Artwork

Press Inquiries

If you want more information about the game or have any questions, then follow and message the official Twitter account for the game: @colorbreakers

Special Thanks

This project wouldn’t have been possible without the help, work and support of many people.


John Leonard French ->

Promotional Art

Graciela García -> @gracegdaysart

Playtesting and Feedback

Greg Nelson, Yvone Castillo, Howard Luján, Mauricio Marroquín, Joaquín Vila.

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